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Join the RISSAR Community: Membership Benefits and Requirements

Are you passionate about American history and the founding of our great nation? Do you have a deep sense of honor and obligation to your patriot ancestors? If so, then joining the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (RISSAR) may be the perfect community for you. RISSAR is a hereditary society based in Rhode Island, dedicated to preserving the spirit and memory of patriots and their sacrifices in achieving American Independence. By joining RISSAR, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share a common love for our nation's history and a commitment to fostering true patriotism. So, what are the benefits of becoming a member of RISSAR? Let's explore: 1. Connection to Your Ancestry: By joining RISSAR, you have the opportunity to connect with your patriot ancestors on a deeper level. You will gain access to resources and documentation that can help you trace your lineage back to those who played a significant role in the American Revolution. This connection to your ancestry can be a truly meaningful and fulfilling experience. 2. Education and Historical Values: RISSAR is committed to promoting historical values and educating the public about the nation's founding. As a member, you will have access to a wealth of educational resources, including lectures, seminars, and workshops. You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge of American history and deepen your understanding of the principles upon which our nation was built. 3. Networking and Camaraderie: Joining RISSAR means becoming part of a tight-knit community of individuals who share your passion for American history. You will have the opportunity to attend social events, meetings, and gatherings where you can connect with fellow members and forge lifelong friendships. The camaraderie and support within the RISSAR community are truly special. Now that you know the benefits, let's talk about the requirements for membership in RISSAR: 1. Lineal Descendant: To be eligible for membership, you must be a lineal descendant of an ancestor who was unfailing in loyalty to the cause of American independence. This means that your ancestor must have actively participated in the American Revolution and demonstrated their commitment to the cause. 2. Acceptable Service: Your ancestor's patriotic service must be documented through acceptable references. Family tradition alone is not sufficient documentation. RISSAR has resources and guidelines to help you gather the necessary documentation to prove your ancestor's service. 3. Personal Acceptability: In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, you must also be personally acceptable to the society. This means conducting yourself with honor and integrity and upholding the values of RISSAR. If you meet these requirements and are ready to join the RISSAR community, visit their website and follow the membership application process. You will find a link to donate to RISSAR if you wish to support their mission and activities. Joining RISSAR is not just about becoming a member of a society; it's about becoming part of a community that celebrates the blessings of liberty and commemorates the events connected to the American Revolution. It's about honoring our patriot ancestors and preserving their memory for future generations. So, if you are passionate about American history and want to make a difference, consider joining RISSAR today.

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