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Honoring Our Patriot Ancestors: A Look into RISSAR

Honoring Our Patriot Ancestors: A Look into RISSAR Image Description: The image shows the logo of the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (RISSAR). The logo features a circular emblem with a blue background and a gold border. In the center, there is an image of a colonial soldier holding a musket, standing in front of an American flag. Surrounding the soldier, there is text that reads "Rhode Island Society Sons of the American Revolution" and "Founded 1890." The logo represents the society's commitment to honoring and preserving the memory of patriot ancestors who fought for American independence during the Revolutionary War. Have you ever wondered about your family's history and the role your ancestors played in shaping the nation we live in today? The Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (RISSAR) is an organization that not only celebrates the sacrifices of our patriot ancestors but also provides a platform for individuals to connect with their heritage and contribute to the preservation of American history. RISSAR, founded in 1890, is a hereditary society that brings together individuals who share a common sense of honor and obligation to their patriot ancestors. The society's mission is to foster true patriotism, promote historical values, and educate the public about the nation's founding. By joining RISSAR, you become part of a community that is dedicated to preserving the spirit and memory of patriots and their sacrifices in achieving American Independence. To be eligible for membership in RISSAR, you must be a citizen of good repute in the community and a lineal descendant of an ancestor who was unfailing in loyalty to the cause of American independence. Your ancestor must have rendered acceptable service through overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain, and this patriotic service must be documented through acceptable references. RISSAR values historical accuracy and requires documentation rather than relying solely on family tradition. Being a member of RISSAR not only allows you to connect with your heritage but also provides opportunities for personal growth and contribution. RISSAR organizes events and activities that commemorate events connected to the American Revolution, celebrate the blessings of liberty, and promote historical education. By participating in these events, you can deepen your understanding of American history and inspire others to appreciate the sacrifices made by our patriot ancestors. In addition to membership, RISSAR also accepts donations to support its mission. By making a donation, you can contribute to the preservation of American history and help RISSAR continue its educational and commemorative activities. Donations can be made easily through the link provided on their website. Honoring our patriot ancestors is not only a way to pay tribute to their sacrifices but also a means of understanding our own identity and the values that shape our nation. RISSAR provides a platform for individuals to explore their heritage, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the preservation of American history. Whether you are already aware of your patriot ancestors or are just beginning to explore your family's history, RISSAR welcomes you to join their community and be a part of honoring our patriot ancestors.

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